UAE is acknowledgedbeing aexcellentspot to enjoy a loved onesvacationin additionas being amodest stopover with thepals. The credit rating goes to its iconicbuildings, well-knownbeach resorts and dazzlingshopping malls that draw invisitors from every one of the corners of theplanet. No matter whetheryou are amother nature lover who would like tocheck out sandy seashoresor simply a shopaholic individual whowants tobask in limitless searching, UAE offers atonfor everyindividual. UAE symbolizes the essence of its cultural & traditional heritage offering the beauty that mesmerizes everyone. UAE tourism consists of several well-liked cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and many more. It is known for its warm climate and there is nothing like the best time to visit the UAE. So, if you’re planning a decent stay here and searching for the best places to visit in UAE then here is all of the help you need:

Fall in love with the elegance of Dubai
“In Dubai, we make things happen rather than waiting for it”. This statement of H.H.Shk. Mohammad Al Maktoum exactly describes the culture of Dubai.
The whole world itself has been a testimony to the development of this beautiful land. Once a silent city of fishermen, it has now become a city of hi-tech and high-rise structures. Dubai tour packages are always in search by netizens and the reason is obvious. Dubai has enriched itself not only in terms of infrastructure but also as one of the most common tourist destinations. It has managed to bring in a great number of visitors and this charm for Dubai has strong reasons behind it. The magnificence of BurjKhalifa, the panorama of your Miracle Garden and the grandeur of Burj Al Arab are enough to tempt anyone to this exotic desired destination. Apart from these, the old Dubai is also a significant spot in Dubai. It is an idealplace for soaking up the real traditions and culture of Dubai. Most with thegetaway packages offer many of the amazing destinations in Dubai. If you are pondering over where to go in UAE then here are few key highlights within the city:

Burj Khalifa:
The name speaks
lots about this place as it has been listed in themost buzzing visiting places in UAE that became the center of attraction over the past few years. A visit to its observation deck to capture some with the most spectacular views of Dubai will give you a valid reason to spend an entire day at Burj Khalifa. You can consider reaching to this destination from Dubai Mall to avoid rush and inconvenience of Dubai traffic. It is one of your most sought after tourist attractions in UAE that you should add to your trip.

Dubai Miracle Garden:
This place is a great example of how a deserted land can be transformed into a full blossoming landscape of flowers. It also has a Guinness
Planet Record in its name for unique flower arrangement. It is highly recommended to visit this place during the winter season to enjoy the rare species of flowers blossoming at their best level. UAE places to visit are known for their uniqueness and you will feel this when you will visit Dubai Miracle Garden.

Experiencing an Abra ride
It is one
with the top things to do in UAE as you will get an opportunity to witness key highlights of Dubai while cruising through still waters on a boat. If you might be an outdoor human being and love exploring a new city on your own then take a visit to Abra Ride. It will give you the best opportunity to beat the heat without actually visiting a beach. Located in Bur Dubai, this place can be visited from 5 AM to 12 AM. It will cost you only 1 Dirham to take pleasure in the ride.

Exploring the tourist attractions of Abu Dhabi
If Dubai is the heart
from the United Arab Emirates then its soul is certainly the Manhattan in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi. The corner of UAE which bustles the many political and economic whereabouts on the nation also swears on the cultural profoundness and exquisite heritage of the Arabian land. Abu Dhabi is not just financially rich but also significantly sumptuous when it comes to investing your free days there. The major attraction on the city is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which proudly stands at the welcome zone of Abu Dhabi. Completely open even for non-Muslims, this mosque is jeweled with the largest carpet and chandelier of yourenvironment. The Heritage Village, depicting Bedouin culture since ages is also a significant charm with the city. You can get to see and learn the major arts of old day Bedouin culture. The Saadiyat public seaside is also worth exploring land as it defines the beauty that Abu Dhabi has in store. So, complete your list of places to visit in UAE with this place full of fun and amusement.

Feel revitalized at Al-Ain
A half an hour drive from Abu Dhabi is all you need for a nostalgic visual claiming to have witnessed generations
of yourenvironment. This beautiful location is Al Ain. A visual ecstasy and mesmerizing aura are what describes this fascinating oasis. It is decked up with enchanting sceneries and beautifully aligned palm trees. In the sightseeing list, this place has much to offer. Old forts, museums, and a picturesque environment leave you in deep amusement.

The most prominent part
of the Al-Ain passage is the drive up at the Jebel Hafeet. This second highest peak of Emirates boasts of its mighty rock structure climbing which will help you to span the entire city in a ray. The bird’s-eye view of the land under the mountain is hilarious. So, on your UAE junket, do make it a mark on your bucket.

Discover a versatility of Sharjah
This place is a meddler’s paradise as it extends a plate full of destinations that brim about the history and culture
from the Arab land. Sharjah is termed as the ‘Cultural Capital of your Arab World’ and that is certainly not random out of air. This name was proposed by UNESCO with respect to the cultural profoundness and literary offerings this place advances to the entire world. You can acquaint yourself with the rich history on the Emirates through the world-famous Art Museum. Various libraries and historical destinations provide an immersive experience of witnessing the chronicles with the United Arab Emirates. The desert parks and traditional souks add the required fun to your aware tour to Sharjah. You get an awesome trail of shopping at Sharjah as you can buy almost everything from traditional Emirati souvenirs to updated articles. Sharjah is a jewel of destinations which certainly deserves a visit among all other places to visit in UAE.

Sharjah Arts Museum:
Situated on the Corniche Street, it is one
in the most admired museums in Sharjah. Most on the masterpieces you will find here are dedicated to the hard work and dedication of artists in the UAE. For many years, this place has been visited by several art lovers who want to see the extraordinary collection of arts from such a close distance. It is one of your most artistic visiting places in UAE that attracts history lovers in huge numbers.

Don’t forget Fujairah Tourism
Seaside towns are always amazing and so is Fujairah. This commercial hub of the nation is embedded with immense skyscrapers and bustling lanes. But this spike of modernism has not shifted the charm and subtleness of this photogenic city. The splendid mountains, sunny shorelines, and serene environments are not influenced even by a pinch by the hi-tech side on the city. Fujairah is quite responsible for carrying both the worlds with the utmost care. The major attractions of Fujairah are also no disappointment as they are enticing too. From the oldest fort, theFujairahfort to the snoopy island for water sports thrill, the place is all ready to entertain you. You can satiate the hidden chronicled heart by visiting the archaeological sites like the Ottoman Mosque, Bithnah Fort, etc. In the town, you can relax at natural hot spring Ain Al Madhab. Fujairah is amazing in each and every way and must be visited on your spree of places to visit in UAE.

Ajman to add excitement to your tour
Though the smallest among all emirates, yet Ajman is in no way, lagging behind to any place when it comes to entertaining its visitors. It trails down a series of sightseeing options. Ajman boasts of some
from the most beautiful beachesfrom the emirates. They offer an enchanting stay under the sun. Apart from the beach locations, the Ajman National Museum, Dhow Yard, Ajman City Center, Sheikh Zayed Ajman Mosque, etc. are also great places to spend your vacating hours. One from the most fascinating spots in Ajman is the Etisalat Tower. This ahead of time infrastructure claims a significant attraction from the visitors and a must-not-misplace. Ajman is a relaxed city and a nice place to shed your exhaustion. So, cherish this sumptuous terminal in Arabian Gulf.

Ras Al Khaimah Tourism
God has poured
every beautiful thing at this single emirate as you can find each element of surprising topography in here. From dripping sand deserts to serene lagoons and from mighty mountains to seraphic shorelines, Ras Al Khaimah has it all. It is a greatlocation to get more in lesser time. You can enjoy the world’s longest zip line in this town which is complemented at the Jebel Jais. Apart from these, Al Dhayah Fort and WadiShawka are also some in the most famous tourist attractions in Ras Al Khaimah. The historical extravaganza of Al Dhayah Fort is worth your visit and Wadi Shawka is nice to shed a lot of your touring exhaustion in clear waters.

KhorFakkan – An offbeat tourist attraction of UAE
Geography of a place spells much about its charm and when
you are told that Khor Fakkan is a city stunned by the boundary of the Hajar Mountains, banking Gulf of Oman and KhorFakkan Bay, and has its own natural port. All of it becomes evident that the place is on another level of tourism. This enchanting place is all decked up with elements to amaze you. Shorelines, museums, splendid views, old forts, and whatnot. It pops out a new amusement with every single step. You can visit Khor Fakkan beach front which gives you an idea of what heaven would look like as the place is all subjective about fascinating. You can relish almost every one of the water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, etc. here to invest some energy. Salem Al-Mutawa is another gem of a tourist attraction. This 2 centuries old silhouette boasts of rich Arabic architecture. Shark Island, Al Metalla Park and Portuguese Fort are some more worth visiting places in Khor Fakkan. So, don’t miss this opportunity of fascination.

Madinat Zayed to fulfill your
purchasing cravings
Want to shop for life? This is the place! The commercial hub of UAE, the Madinat Zayed is known for the AlDhafrafestival worldwide which is a pageant title for camels. The festival is an extravaganza of traditional Emirati activities and culture. Being the commercial hub, the city is decked up with skyscrapers but it is not losing at heritage end. You can witness some
on the mystical chronicled treasures in Madinat Zayed. So, do add this place to the list of places to visit in UAE.

Experience different shades of UAE at Hatta
When we talk about traditions, heritage, and Emirati culture then one place that will certainly be mentioned is the Hatta. Hiding high and deep into the Hajar Mountains, the mystical and exquisite land opens up in front of you the true essence of Arabicthoughts. The beauty of this place is that it has firmly held its roots but has also accelerated towards modernism. You can
love a wide range of adventure sports in this mountain shed. Moreover, the view of downtown from this place is surreal. Your search for places to visit in UAE will remain incomplete without this splendid addition.

Jebel Jais to get bird’s eye view of UAE:
It is referred as the highest peak in UAE featuring a range of unique landscape terraces and photography platforms. As far as transportation is concerned things have become quite convenient over the last few years. For
mother nature lovers, this place provides aideal ambiance to relax and achieve eternal peace of mind. So if that you are searching UAE tourist places where you can feel serene environment then come to Jebel Jais.

Spend some tranquil moments at the Hajar Mountains:
Outdoor sightseeing is one
of your top things to do in the UAE and Hajar mountains offer you all the exposure to do so. This place gives you lots of opportunities to enjoy the outdoor activities with the UAE. If you are a true mother nature lover then you can do lots of bird watching, trekking and hiking here. Besides, you can consider visiting village areas in the locality to taste some of the mouth-watering food made from local ingredients. If you want to add an element of thrill to your Dubai holiday getaway vacation then you should add this location in your journey.

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